Ultimaker extruder leveling mechanism 2-4 extruders

Source: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker-extruder-leveling-mechanism-2-4-extruders

Description: InstructionsVideo 1  five 16mm M3 screws to attach the top clamp and bottom clamp onto PEEK insulator and Teflon insulator. Force M3 screws through the 3 leveling holes until screws can move up and down easier.Video 2  up extruder with 8B leveling mechanism and thread it in reverse using 20mm M3 screws (thread from bottom of extruder clamps through bottom of 8B leveling mechanism) then remove 20mm screws; they will not be used on the part, they are only for threading.Video 3  30mm M3 screws into the 3 holes you just threaded into your 8B piece, but this time screw them in the correct way (from the top part of 8B down). Line up leveling clamps with springs and 8B(the 30mm bolts now sticking out of the 8B leveling mechanism), then attach 3 locknuts to the ends of your 30mm M3 screws to keep the part together. The part is designed to slide up and down the three 30mm M3 bolts when force (leveling action) is applied. Screw in 12mm M3 clamp screws through 8B (from the front)Video 4  level mechanism: use the three 30mm M3 screws to level and to pull upward, and two 12mm M3 screws to push down. Unscrew clamp screws (12mm ones) before leveling up. And loosen leveling screws if you want to use the clamp screws to push down. Here is a Ultimaker Z-axis end-switch fine-adjuster http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:11033 for this you will need to tilt your z end-stop at an angle so that the screw from the Z-axis adjuster will hit your end-stop and not miss.Video 5  example of two leveled extruders